Are Fake Security Cameras A Good Idea For Your Home Or Business?

The only reason why people would resort to having fake or dummy security cameras installed is because of reduced costs. But the use of fake security cameras for the general public might not be ideal. We are here to discuss why fake cameras are ineffective and not worth the trouble as well as better options.

It is also understandable that these dummy security cameras, apart from being extremely inexpensive, are also quite easy and hassle-free to install. But then again, a little more should be invested if the prime concern is security. There are wireless security cameras that come cheap which are also easily installable.

Functionalities of Fake Security Cameras

Fake Security Cameras

The exterior aesthetics of dummy cameras usually are very similar to real ones. The looks of it sometimes can be enough to fool intruders and trespasses into staying away for their own safety. Most of these fake cameras come with a blinking LED red light which easily draws attention to it so that passersby are aware that they are being surveilled.

Sadly, this functionality, even though meant for a very good cause, does more harm than any good. Many professional thieves and burglars can easily identify these dummy cameras just by the blinking light. Hence, it does not affect them from continuing on their course of action.

Another little functionality, built solely for alerting of the intruders, is the fake camera’s ability to randomly move its lens in any direction. This also gives fake cameras away to professional burglars as they immediately pick up on the nature of the camera and proceed without being bothered by it. Its ease of identifiability is one of the main reasons why you should not resort to these dummy fake cameras. The money invested on these fakes can be used to buy a (really cheap) security surveillance system which is a far better option.

Still Experiencing Break-ins With Fake Security Cameras: 

Also, in the case of an actual theft having occurred, there will be no evidence for you to hold in catching the thief as there is no real surveillance or cam footage that exists to back you up. The whole setup creates a false sense of security with its presence. Even though it is not an actual camera, the presence may let others in the hall think it is. They will always believe that they are safe and that if anything goes wrong, there will be cam footage to go back to  to identify the criminals and get police help after. Even potential breaches by neighbors who are fully aware of the camera’s nature are very dangerous. As they already know that these are only dummies, there is a higher chance of you being in danger than without it.

Still Considering Fake Security Cameras? 

The biggest drawback of these dummy security systems is its legal implications. Because of the false sense of security created as mentioned above, the people who were not initially aware of the nature of these cameras thought that they will be alarmed or notified if something goes amiss. However, in most cases, because these were easily detectable dummy cameras especially to thieves, breaches have occurred causing a loss to the people involved. When later inquired by the police, the owner of the dummy cameras was also held responsible for the theft as their installation of fake cameras had led the victims into a false sense of safety.

Of course, we are all aware of the fact that regular security surveillance systems all come with a heavy budget in tow but it is all for the sake of security of the premises and the belongings it holds which makes it worth every penny.