When Security First USA installs video cameras surveillance with ADT Pulse®, you can receive live video of what is occurring inside and outside your Long Island home right on your smartphone, because of the amazing integration of the security cameras and the ADT Pulse® home security system.

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The footage can be seen from any mobile-enabled device with Internet access or computer. This video security in Long Island, NY gives our customers the peace-of-mind they are seeking, especially if they have a family.

Having this capability not only allows you to watch out for a potential burglar but you can also monitor caregivers, babysitters, children, pets, and service professionals inside and outside your home.

With the video security cameras, you are also able to watch seconds of video clips from the motion that has been detected inside your home or around the security camera.

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This allows you to see, for yourself, what may have triggered the motion and decide if further action is needed. In some cases, it may be a door that is not locked or even a pet that has caused the false alarm. In this case, no further action is necessary.

Future Home Security Systems: Live Video Security Cameras

On iPhone’s And Android’s And Computers

Top Ten Reviews highly recommends ADT Pulse® stating: ADT offers a variety of professionally installed, state-of-the-art security devices..ADT is a good choice for a comprehensive, whole-house security system, but you must meet with a company representative for a consultation, which means we are the ones who can consult with you for the system, folks.

Our technicians at Security First USA in Long Island, New York have installed numerous alarm systems for homes in Nassau County and security systems in Suffolk County, New York.

We can customize your system to suit all of your needs. Our very own Security First employees, not subcontractors, install every Long Island, NY alarm system. Security First USA is fully licensed and am official ADT dealer so that all six redundant ADT monitoring systems have you covered 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

With these ADT Pulse® video security cameras systems you are also offered 24/7 technical support. Help is always here when you need it. Security experts support technical calls so that you can harness your smart lights, your locks, and even your thermostat if you have them set up through ADT Pulse® home automation packages.

For the Best Video Security Cameras in Nassau County and Suffolk County, Long Island NY look no further.

Find out more about ADT Pulse® home automation and security camera systems pricing and terms here.


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