Fake Security Cameras

Fake Security Cameras

Are Fake Security Cameras A Good Idea For Your Home Or Business?

The only reason why people would resort to having fake or dummy security cameras installed is because of reduced costs. But the use of fake security cameras for the general public might not be ideal. We are here to discuss why fake cameras are ineffective and not worth the trouble as well as better options.

It is also understandable that these dummy security cameras, apart from being extremely inexpensive, are also quite easy and hassle-free to install. But then again, a little more should be invested if the prime concern is security. There are wireless security cameras that come cheap which are also easily installable.

Functionalities of Fake Security Cameras

Fake Security Cameras

The exterior aesthetics of dummy cameras usually are very similar to real ones. The looks of it sometimes can be enough to fool intruders and trespasses into staying away for their own safety. Most of these fake cameras come with a blinking LED red light which easily draws attention to it so that passersby are aware that they are being surveilled.

Sadly, this functionality, even though meant for a very good cause, does more harm than any good. Many professional thieves and burglars can easily identify these dummy cameras just by the blinking light. Hence, it does not affect them from continuing on their course of action.

Another little functionality, built solely for alerting of the intruders, is the fake camera’s ability to randomly move its lens in any direction. This also gives fake cameras away to professional burglars as they immediately pick up on the nature of the camera and proceed without being bothered by it. Its ease of identifiability is one of the main reasons why you should not resort to these dummy fake cameras. The money invested on these fakes can be used to buy a (really cheap) security surveillance system which is a far better option.

Still Experiencing Break-ins With Fake Security Cameras: 

Also, in the case of an actual theft having occurred, there will be no evidence for you to hold in catching the thief as there is no real surveillance or cam footage that exists to back you up. The whole setup creates a false sense of security with its presence. Even though it is not an actual camera, the presence may let others in the hall think it is. They will always believe that they are safe and that if anything goes wrong, there will be cam footage to go back to  to identify the criminals and get police help after. Even potential breaches by neighbors who are fully aware of the camera’s nature are very dangerous. As they already know that these are only dummies, there is a higher chance of you being in danger than without it.

Still Considering Fake Security Cameras? 

The biggest drawback of these dummy security systems is its legal implications. Because of the false sense of security created as mentioned above, the people who were not initially aware of the nature of these cameras thought that they will be alarmed or notified if something goes amiss. However, in most cases, because these were easily detectable dummy cameras especially to thieves, breaches have occurred causing a loss to the people involved. When later inquired by the police, the owner of the dummy cameras was also held responsible for the theft as their installation of fake cameras had led the victims into a false sense of safety.

Of course, we are all aware of the fact that regular security surveillance systems all come with a heavy budget in tow but it is all for the sake of security of the premises and the belongings it holds which makes it worth every penny.

What are Nanny Cams and Which are the Best Ones

What are Nanny Cams and Which are the Best Ones

Best Nanny and Sitter Cams

Indoor cameras for checking up on the house are a normal thing, and nanny cams are nothing more or less than that except, it is used by parents to check up on their kids and their nannies. Nanny cams can be used to not only check up on nannies but also to make sure everything at home is fine when you are away. When it comes to nanny cams, there are two basic types.

nanny cams

Hidden Nanny Cams

These are used to check up on the baby or how the nanny is taking care of the baby without the nanny knowing. They are usually tucked away inside alarm clocks, or teddy bears, and are completely legal in all fifty states of the United States of America. However, if you end up installing one in the bathroom or the babysitter’s bedroom, it is considered illegal, and the installer can face legal consequences. It is also illegal if the device records audio. If you want to record audio you will need permission from the babysitter.

Non-Hidden Nanny Cams

Anyone at home can see them and has knowledge of them. Although these are exposed, some of the rules of hidden cameras apply here as well. The installers of the camera cannot record any audio without written permission or documentation from the babysitter. It is usually recommended that the owners go through this legal binding in front of the camera so there is no problem with it later on.

Like every other device on the planet, this too has some downsides to it. Just like how you can use the internet and technology to keep an eye on your kids, and maybe even talk to them through it, if hacked, others can do the same. Unnerving incidences of music coming from the kid’s room or the hackers speaking to the children have happened, and it all occurred because of hacked Wi-Fi.

One of the ways you can avoid such incidences is by registering your nanny cam, so the manufacturer can let you in on security flaws. You should also opt for really strong passwords since Wi-Fi is one of the easiest ways these hackers make their way to your home. One can also try to encrypt your Wi-Fi, and make sure that your wireless cameras are equipped with firmware since these protect the wireless technology more than other forms.

PANORAXY Ms.Cube Mini Wifi Spy Hidden Camera

When it comes to hidden cameras, the PANORAXY Ms.Cube Mini Wifi Spy Hidden Camera takes the cake. This device records videos at 720p on an SD card and has night vision that extends up to 8 meters but looks nothing short of a clock for your kid. Let them decorate it with the stickers it comes with to camouflage it further. Another hidden camera worth mentioning on a budget is the Spy Vision Hidden Spy Camera/USB Charger Camera. This functions like a real USB, but stores videos on an SD card as well.

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YI 1080p Home Camera Wireless IP Security Surveillance System

The YI 1080p Home Camera Wireless IP Security Surveillance System is a great option for those who want a non-hidden camera. This one is affordable, records at 1080 pixels, has the option of zooming in 4x, can detect crying, and offers night vision as well. Parents can stream real time to their phone, or use the two-way audio to talk to their kids or nanny.

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For those looking for something outdoors to double function as a security camera, look no further than the Maximus Video Security Camera & Outdoor Light. This fully operates as a light, as well as records videos at 720 pixels with its wide angle lens. This camera also features a smart light, two-way intercom and an outdoor alarm.

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Important Qualities of Outdoor Security Cameras

Important Qualities of Outdoor Security Cameras

Comparison of outdoor security cameras

Modern times require us to be outdoors for most of the hours of the day, be it work or school etc. Leaving the house empty often leaves it vulnerable to malicious breaches and also the situation stays entirely out of hand. There are also scenarios when you are indoors when the theft happens under your nose. This is where the security surveillance cameras come in. They provide you with proper monitoring of the premises and let you stay aware of any unsightly activities in the area.

Choosing the right security camera is a necessity when it comes to the full monitorization of the house and its premises. Costs can differ according to the functionalities added and subtracted from the cameras and it ranges from $99 to $200. Below are listed some of the proper security cameras that will always keep you in check of your house whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera, Amazon Alexa Compatible

This comes with a speaker and microphone built-in. It is also waterproof, compatible with the Amazon Alexa and connectivity with phone provides an HD coverage and pictures in both day and night light.

Hikvision DS-2CD3132 2.8mm Lens 3MP Mini Dome Camera 1080P POE IP CCTV Camera

A compact dome-style design providing 1080p HD coverage that is ideal to be installed in any difficult places around the house. It also comes with night vision.

Amcrest 720P HD Over Analog (HDCVI) 8CH Video Security Systems

Easily configurable and with a simple setup that is plug-and-play that gets to work in no time. The component also comes with a hard-drive that can store up to 360 hours surveillance footage.

Swann – SWPRO-760CAM – PRO-760 – Super Wide-Angle Security Camera

The camera comes with a wide-angle lens for better coverage and manages to cover both daylight and night time settings. Its design consists of waterproof and weather-proof casing.

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System

A wireless security camera that provides an HD live feed to your phone, computer or other connected devices of choice and also has 1GB secure cloud storage.

TriVision NC-336PW HD 1080P Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera System

Comes with a choice of lens and also the option of hardwired or wireless installation. Provides a 1080p HD footage and also has night vision features.

VideoSecu Outdoor Day Night Vision Infrared IR Bullet Security Camera

This camera is angle adjustable and comes with 48 infrared LED to provide with clearer night footages and its anti-noise capabilities reduces the data mass stored.

Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I Outdoor HD 3MP IP Bullet Security Camera

Again, easily configurable and comes with 3 MP lens that takes HD quality footage and image. It also comes with an adjustable frame rate option and noise reduction for better imaging and smarter storage.

Foscam FI9828P 1.3 Megapixel 3x Optical Zoom H.264 Wireless Outdoor PTZ IP Camera

Full waterproof built with 1.3MP HD coverage, iOS and Android compatible and the direction of the pan can be controlled via remote to adjust at will.

Amcrest ProHD

Comes with a 3MP image sensor that provides an HD quality footage which makes it easier to see the objects in the frame clearly. Also provides a free 4 hours cloud storage facility and on purchase, there will be an extended storage added.

Nest Cam Outdoor

This camera is noise sensitive so it hardly misses a whistle of the wind. Comes with a pan and tilt control feature along with a 2-year equipment warranty which is quite hard to see in other competing security cameras. It also can be integrated to home automation if customers want.