Keeping Your Home Valuables Safe

Keeping Your Home Valuables Safe

A report in 2015 by the FBI revealed that over 15,000 burglaries cause property losses of up to 3.6 billion. There are usually very specific things that a burglar is looking for when they gain access into your home.

They only need the time and the opportunity to get into your home to find those things. You may think you know what type of things want but our list of things that burglars target might surprise you.

Items Targeted by Thieves

At Security First, we understand that there may be some things that are of value to you but that might not be all that interesting or valuable to a thief. Here are some of the things that thieves target.

    • Cash
    • Bicycles
    • Firearms
    • Jewelry
    • Golf Equipment
    • Electronics
    • TV’s
    • Power Tools

Now that you have a better understanding of what they want from inside your home, you are able to figure out how you’ll protect these items if someone happens to make their way into your home.

How to Protect Most Targeted Items

You probably think that as long as you have a security system, you don’t have to worry about a thief taking anything. This is not always true. If they make their way into your home, they will still find something of value that they can grab and go. Here are some suggested ways to protect your valuables.

    • Use a safe that requires a code to lock things, such as jewelry, firearms and small electronics. You can go even further by installer sensors that will detect if your safe has been tampered with.
    • Surveillance cameras are a good idea.
    • Have an alarm connected to your security system to scare off an intruder.
    • Take most valuable items with you, if you plan on being away for a long time.***
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Why Upgrade Your Security System

Why Upgrade Your Security System

At Security First, we encourage our New York City, Manhattan, Long Island, and Queens customers to upgrade their security systems when necessary.

You might feel as though the same system will be just as effective 20 years from now as it was when it was initially installed.

This might not necessarily be true, as some of our Suffolk County and Nassau County customers have had to find out the hard way.

Remember that thieves are becoming smarter at breaking through certain types of residential security systems. In fact, some get jobs in this industry in order to figure out the systems and how they can compromise them. This is just one of the reasons for upgrading your security system, whether it is your residential or commercial security system.

baby playing in living room
If you are expecting a baby, you likely already have a lot on your plate. You might want to add an upgrade to your home security system.

Besides, when your family or business grows, your needs will also undoubtedly change. This is another reason for you to consider upgrading your system.

  • Living Situation

If you now live alone, you might need to upgrade your system. If you are away from your home more often than usual, you’ll likely need a system that can let you know when there is a problem at your home.

  • Living With Others

When there is more than one person in the home, you may need a system that supports multiple people residing in the home. You might appreciate a system that will allow access into your home via a keypad access code rather than a key.

  • A New Edition to Your Family

If you are expecting a baby, you likely already have a lot on your plate. You might want to add an upgrade to your home security system. You might consider having video surveillance installed in the baby nursery to keep an eye on the baby at all times.***

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Keeping Your Smartphone Security Feature Safe

Keeping Your Smartphone Security Feature Safe

If you are not connecting your smartphone to your home or business security system, you are not using it to the fullest. Some people do not even realize that they are capable of having their smartphone connected to their home security system.

Since we use our phones for practically everything these days, it only makes sense that manufacturers would tap into this resource. Yes, you can now utilize your smartphone to monitor your security system from wherever you are.

Our customers in Nassau County, NY and Suffolk County, NY, appreciate knowing that they can call on Security First to program their systems to communicate to their phones. This feature does come with a few risks, as does anything that uses modern technology. You risk the possibility of being hacked.

Avoid Having Your Smartphone Hacked

#1. Update your smartphone

We simply cannot stress how important it is that you update your smartphone features when you are alerted to do so. Many of the consumers we deal with in Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island tell us that they simply ignore these alerts when they see them. We are here to tell you that this is not good. Updates are necessary, especially if there have been security breaches.

#2. Create a strong password

It is common knowledge that when you have a strong password, you can avoid being hacked. This is a necessary precaution to take if you wish to avoid the unfortunate event of having your phone hacked into.

#3. Be cautious about what you download

There are hacks that make things appear to official and legit that it is hard to detect what you can and cannot download. If you have any doubts, contact us and we’ll see if we can help you determine whether or not it is safe or not.***

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Hiding Home Security Cameras

Hiding Home Security Cameras

At Security First, plenty of our Long Island, Manhattan, and Queens, NY customers want to know just how they can conceal their home security cameras.

While you might find this odd, since the presence can sometimes scare off an intruder, in some instances, a hidden camera might prove more useful. We have plenty of small, covert cameras for our customers to choose from, which are small enough to transport anywhere you need them.

Why Hide Your Camera

So you might wonder why to hide your camera. Here are some of the reasons our Suffolk County and Nassau County customers choose to keep their cameras out of sight.

    • Monitor a babysitter who might be neglecting or abusing their children
    • Monitor a private nurse who might be mistreating their parents or slacking off in doing their job
    • Someone who might be stealing from them
    • To figure out why their alarm continues to go off

No matter what their reason is, we have some rather clever ways to hide your cameras.

Where to Hide Surveillance Cameras

Inside Most Common Home Items – They will not be detected because they will blend in.

  • Curtain rods

The higher up the camera is placed, the less likely someone will notice it.

  • Plants

You can use the leaves from the plant to conceal the camera

  • Stuffed toys

This helps to monitor your children and their babysitter

  • Hollow books

You can keep it with your other books to keep it concealed without detection

You may not know this but there are certain regulations that we must adhere to when installing video cameras. In some states, you are not able to record people without their consent.

You also cannot install them in places like bathrooms. We know where you can’t and can hide your camera. Consult with us if you’re interested in concealing your camera.***

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Suffolk County, NY Alarm Permits

Suffolk County, NY Alarm Permits

Suffolk County is not new to the presence of thieves and burglars who pose a severe threat to the safety and security of the inhabitants of the small county located in the heart of the state of New York. Aside from these, in the hustle and bustle of the glorious county, accidents of different kinds are bound to happen.

Thus, the safety and security of the people of Suffolk County are one of the most sensitive and impeccable concerns for the population living in the area. And this is a case of severe concern not only for the people but also for the governing body in the county of Suffolk.

Do I need an alarm permit in my Suffolk County home?

Suffolk County is one of the prime hubs of concern when it comes to threats regarding safety and security in the state of New York. The first source of protection for the inhabitants of Suffolk County is equipping the homes with security and fire alarms respectively. And, for that, alarm permits are a potential must. Alarm permits provide the users with a legal right in using the alarms, be it fire or safety, for their own security.

Installing an alarm vs activating it

security first staff installing alarm system in house

Technically, it is completely fine to install a security system of your own without having to attain a home or household alarm permit. On the contrary, activating the alarm unit and operating it is a whole different thing.

If someone plans on installing remote monitoring or emergency activation functions in their households, many local governments encourage attaining alarm permits for households.

In Suffolk County, many households contain security response units in the form of self-sufficient and remote-controlled alarm systems respectively. For these households, alarm permits are a fundamental necessity.

And, that is where we come in. We provide an expertise professional service in helping you with your alarm permit queries and reducing the hassle in your home security activation.

Alarm permit vs Alarm license

home alarm system icon

What a lot of people fail to understand is the difference between an alarm permit and a license.

An alarm permit regulates the usage of fire or safety alarms in homes and households alike putting a restriction to any derailment of safety protocols while an alarm license is for security professionals who work in projects concerning providing the best security services to the clients.

We make sure you are fully aware of the code of conduct regarding alarm permits and their specific renewals for businesses and households in Suffolk County.

When it comes to the alarm permits, we offer permits of different structures, be it single permits or diversified permits covering each and every area of your security concerns. When it comes to fire alarms, we make sure that you have the proper knowledge about the regulations of the government in Suffolk County and act likely, having the proper permit for your fire threat security.

On the other hand, we also have experienced professionals who have years of experience in the security alarms of different kinds, providing the proper security alarm permit for your business and households across Suffolk County.

We provide a regimented structure for your alarm permit inquiries and confusions where our professional experts provide you with a one-stop solution to all your inquiries. And, we don’t stop here.

We have a licensed and manufactured alarm permit application process where you will provide the necessary information, and we will take care of the rest. Not every county has the same governing regulations. Keeping all the aforementioned points in mind, we understand the safety and security concerns of our clients and provide services accordingly.

Contact us today, and safeguard your businesses and households with the help of the most experienced professional alarm permit providers in Suffolk County! ***

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Alarm Company Long Island

Alarm Company Long Island

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You Have Questions and We Have Answers!

  • What Type Of Alarm System Do I Need?
  • How Does It Get Installed?
  • Is My Budget Too Low?
  • Can I Get FREE Estimates?

What Type Of Alarm System Do I Need?

There are many options when choosing a security system for your home or apartment. There are many aspects to take into consideration when making a decision. First, you need to identify your needs.

  1. Do you need an alarm system for inside your home or will it also need exterior monitoring?
  2. Do you want to have cameras?
  3. Do you want to be able to monitor home activity from you smartphone?
  4. How much is your budget?

Once you have answered all these questions, you will be able to find the best solution for your needs.

Local Alarms

Local alarms are very basis and are unmonitored. They have sensors on doors and windows and it may also include motion detectors. They can be wireless or wired. This is the most basic type of alarm. They are very easy to install and set up and their cost is reasonable. They can be found in some stores for under $150.

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When looking at pros and cons we can say that the cost alone is a big pro and the simple set up. When thinking about cons, they are very easy to disable, not offering a 100% accuracy. Another con is the fact that they don’t provide a monitoring system.


Monitored System

Monitored systems are also very common. These systems alert a call center when something out of the ordinary triggers an alarm. After this trigger is sent to the call center they contact the closet police department.

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If compared with local alarm systems, monitored systems offer a more complete protection. However, there are also some cons. The set up goes thru the outside of the house, therefore, if a person recognizes the alarm line, he/she can just cut it and go inside your property. Another downside of these systems is the time lag. There is enough time for a burglar to run if the alarm goes off, before the police arrives. The cost is another downside, these systems tend to be more expensive than local alarms.

There are many other options, we can guide you and get you the alarm system that you are looking for. 

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Alarm Company Long Island – Security First USA

If you want to remain safe and protect your valuables, you have to be proactive in doing so. This may call for having additional security features installed in order to do so. The first step in protecting yourself and your loved ones is to make sure you contact a reputable and reliable security service, such as Security First USA. Perhaps you already have a burglar alarm but can you also benefit from advanced monitoring with a CCTV & video system, a fire alarm, or some other sort of home cameras around your home?

Chances are that you can and that is why so many manufacturers are offering these types of security features for the home. These were security features that were only used by businesses but they are now being used for more effective home security. It also helps to have more than one security feature to rely on in case one malfunctions or the battery needs to be changed and you haven’t gotten around to doing that yet. Advanced monitoring can only improve your chances of avoiding a break-in.