What is an ADT system?

What is an ADT system?

What is an ADT system?

When changing homes, we always make sure to upgrade every little detail in our new homes to make things more efficient than before. However, as tiring as moving homes can get, one tiny detail is often missed out on, sometimes partially or worse, completely. A security system should be the very first concern of a new home. You are moving into a new area, new people, and new troubles. And although you might think your old one will work just fine; the different space might require something more.

ADT is a company that serves in more than 40 states in the United States of America and provides security for a whole range of purposes, so you do not have to look anywhere else. Be it home or business, they’ve got you covered.

Security for the home

home security system

Considered as “leaders in home security”, ADT staff custom designs security systems for each and every home according to its needs. Services for the home include ADT Security System Keypads which have been tested in their labs to see how they perform in real cases. One can also use their smartphones to access the system and check up on their security status. Other home services have the motion detector with very wide ranges.

Experts at ADT will be installing these while taking pets into consideration, so the detectors do not light up when your pets are moving. The door and window sensors tell you when an entryway is being used, while the Glass Break Sensors save you from burglars. Last of all, the key fob lets you turn your entire system on and off with the click of a button. While the ADT pulse app lets you check up on your home from pretty much anywhere, the smart door locks, lights, video doorbell cameras and much more help create an automated security at your home. ADT also provides a great selection of security cameras for numerous purposes, be it outdoors or indoors. And lastly smoke detectors, flood detectors and much more to make sure you and your home are safe.

Security at work

Nothing is more disheartening than losing your business that you worked so hard for, over something as little as burglary or break-ins. Protect your work with the right security systems. ADT provides video surveillance which lessens your chances of break-ins. Other than that, they also provide burglar monitoring, which also works when your power goes out with a backup battery. The entry and exit are big parts of security, which is why ADT also has state of the art Door intercom and Access systems to make sure your business has 360-degree protection 24/7.  Last but not least the Video Verification service sends clips to your smartphone when an alarm is triggered, which makes it easier for the police to catch the culprit.

security systems at work

Security for the elderly

No matter how much security you give a place, nothing matters more than your family’s health. Which makes it very important to have security systems specifically for their needs. Devices like Medical Alert Plus and On-The-Go can detect when someone has fallen down, and it doesn’t even require pressing any buttons. This along with devices like the medical alert bracelet can all help keep your loved ones safe and sound, and will inform you in an instant of any mishaps. Look no further than ADT for these services for your family.

It is never too late to be secured, or to get the right systems. Contact ADT, one of the leading security system service providers in the United States to get your permanent security fix.

What is an ADT Security System

What is an ADT Security System

ADT is the ultimate in home security! Security First offers you a comprehensive ADT Security System. With our 24-hour monitoring service, you are assured of the maximum security for your home or business. We always have someone here to make sure you and your valuables are safe.ADT Security System

A Long Island ADT Security System can detect fire, monitor smoke, detect a burglar, monitor a flood and alert a medical facility when a medical emergency occurs.

Hands down ADT provides the ultimate in home security! You’ll have all of the basics covered for your Long Island, NY home.

If you are home or away, you won’t have anything to worry about as long as you have an ADT security system. Long Island residents rely on Security First to ensure that everything is properly set and monitored.

We service our customer needs 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. There are several ADT Monitoring Centers, which help provide you with a quick response. Anytime an ADT alarm sounds, one of our response technicians is on the case! Our Long Island technicians give you the peace-of-mind you’re craving.

What Is an ADT Security System?

With an ADT system installed, you benefit from the following:

  • Temperature Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring included in ADT security system

An ADT system has sensors that detect the sudden change in temperature throughout your home. This doesn’t only detect high-temperature changes but it also detects when temperatures fall drastically.

This is important to help you avoid busted pipes when the temperature is too low. The heat sensor will alert us to dangerously high temperatures. The alert enables you to act quickly to ensure the safety and security of everyone in your home.

  • Burglary Monitoring

With our Long Island, New York ADT Security System installed, you’ll receive constant monitoring to detect an intrusion. Once our monitoring service receives an alarm, a qualified ADT representative will notify the homeowner and have a first responder at your home in no time.

  • Flood Monitoring

ADT Security System Flood Monitoring

An ADT System can also protect your property and home from water damage whenever there is a flood. If high waters are detected by our monitoring system, an alert will sound. The ADT representative will contact you to alert you of the situation so that you can determine what the best course of action would be.

  • Fire and Smoke Monitoring

ADT Security System Fire and Smoke Monitoring

If smoke or fire is detected by your home security system, it will alert our monitoring service so that we can quickly respond by notifying the local fire department. With an ADT system, it does all the work for you!

  • Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

CO2 Carbon Monoxide Monitoring in ADT home security system

A carbon monoxide leak is dangerous. It has resulted in the death of entire families. This is a poison that can slowly begin to leak into your home without your knowledge.

With an ADT system, you can avoid the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. The system can detect this dangerous gas and alert our monitoring service to its presence so that we can then alert the homeowner.

  • Medical Alert Monitoring

When you have medical issues you don’t have to worry as long as you have a Long Island ADT Security System. With one push of a button, you can be connected to an ADT associate who can then put you in contact with the right medical personnel.

Even when you move, you can still take your certified ADT home security system with you. Your home is most susceptible to a burglary without one. With an ADT system, you have the capacity to arm and disarm it from wherever you are.

If you’re prone to forgetting to set your alarm, you can put it on a timer so that it automatically sets itself. ADT home alarm security systems make it easy for you to protect yourself and your home.

Home Security Systems and Services

It is the job of our representatives at First Security in Long Island, New York to assist our customers in finding the best ADT home security system possible. Your safety and security matters to us; this is why we install the most recognized home security systems, ADT.

They offer advanced technology along with a personal response team at our monitoring centers. If you do not already have an ADT system, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your home security system today!

Home Security Cameras

Another home security feature that you might find useful is the use of your home security camera. It not only enables the monitoring service to see what is happening in your home, but it also gives you the ability to do the same. You can access the system from your smartphone, computer or tablet.

Wireless ADT Home Security

Our technicians are capable of quickly and effectively installing a wireless ADT home security system for you today!

Storm Safety

If there is ever a bad storm, your ADT home security system will continue to work even when landlines are down.

Remote Access

remote access with video added on ADT pulse

When you need to allow someone access into your home and lock it behind you, you’ll be able to do this with an ADT home security system.

ADT Energy Management

If your energy bill is skyrocketing, you can control it with your new ADT system. It allows you to control the thermostat from wherever you are.

ADT Medical Alert

This feature includes a two-way voice intercom that enables you to communicate with a live person about your medical emergency.

More On ADT Home Security

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